Drywall Screws the Perfect Fastener for Drywalls

Drywalls are panels used to create interior walls as well as for creating ceilings. Drywalls offer a much quicker and easy alternative to having brick walls on the interior of the house. With the incorporation of drywall the a home can be built much quicker than in the past. For this reason drywalls have become very popular over the years. Drywalls need however to be fastened to a wooden frame and the best way to fasten them is by using drywall screws.

Drywall Repair screws are special screws which have been made specifically for the drywall application. Drywalls are made of plaster and paper. The plaster used is called plaster of Paris or gypsum plaster. Plaster is like cement in that it is also mixed with water to form a paste, but it is a much softer substance and can be easily cut. In order to make the drywall the plaster is placed in between two sheets of hard paper. This is then compressed and the panel is complete. The drywall panels are very sturdy and are perfect for interior walls as they are do not come into contact with any of the elements. Drywall however is prone to become mouldy if it comes into contact with water, which usually occurs when there is a leakage of some sort in the house.

Drywall screws have a very sharp point making it easier to puncture the drywall. You will find screws which have two variants. The differences in the drywall screws depends on the type of frame it is being attached to. A screw which is being attached to a wooden frame has a thread which has wider spacing. A drywall screw which is being attached to a metal frame is a screw which is larger and also a much narrower thread spacing. This type of drywall screw is called a fine screw. The tighter thread allows the drill to more easily move through the metal, while a softer substance such as plaster and paper does not require much to be penetrated. This type of drywall screw is called a course drywall screw.

When it comes to installing screws into the drywall there are a few steps which you can follow:

– Attached the proper drill bit onto your drill.

– Position the screw, with enough space from the edge of the drywall.

– Push the tip of the screw firmly into position so that it does not move.

– Slowly and gently push the trigger on the drill.

– Then increase the speed and apply some pressure with the drill

– Do this until you feel the screw has reached the wooden or metal frame.

Drywall screws can be bought at any hardware store in your area. You will find that most hardware stores have a wide range of fasteners on display and are packed and labelled clearly. When in doubt always ask for assistance from one of the salespeople, they will be more than willing to point you in the right direction.

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